6 February 2011

L(o)(a)st Love

  On 23rd of June 2010, when I returned from the school, I saw something near Joe. I had a closer look and saw 6 cute puppies. Joe had gifted me with six angels. That evening was filled with the sound of the puppies. But the very next day, one of the puppies died. The first puppy I touched in my lifetime came to be a dead one. I enjoyed every moment of that one week. After a week, when I went to chennai, another one of them died. I rushed back from chennai to see him for th last time. I was beside them when they opened their eyes for the first time, their first small steps . . .
  Four of them survived for a long time, till fate hit my little one Snowy. He had jaundice & inspite of treatment, he was dying every moment. I lost him midway. My eyes bear tears when I see the pit dug by him.
The other three were named alpha, beta & gamma. They grew with me till my father told that five dogs cannot be managed & they should be given. I postponed this idea day by day with every new reason.
  Finally they all were given to my father's friend. My heart became hard when I saw their chains untied.
But, my Joe always knows how to compensate me . . .