2 February 2011

THE dogs

From my childhood I had a craze to have dogs, train them, spend some good time with them etc. If I am correct, it was my half-yearly exams in my vii std. I was preparing for my science exam, I heard a unique sound in our backyard. I went to see that there was a brown colored small one. The first time I went to touch her, she urinated in fear. I came to know that it was two of them, and the other one has been shifted by her mother. I ran into my father's room & pleaded to adopt her as a pet. I still remember the moments when I gave up science & gave her some milk every five minutes. After 2 to 3 days I saw the dog's mother being caught by few men. Seeing that I thought of growing both of them. In my next posts I will continue from here . . .
Time to do my homework !