17 March 2011

My love for music- III

 So I return to blogger after a long time . Here is Rafael Mendez, trumpet player. He may look calm at his start but, the real game starts at 01:05 minutes. Got some work ! have a look at this site below (in case of any facts . . .)   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafael_M%C3%A9ndez

11 March 2011

My love for music-II

 I thought that I would do things easily by just changing the gadgets. But all of my readers did not comment as they did not know that I had changed my music in the gadget column (people who read my blog frequently, This is an exception for you all.). Yes I did hear some comments from the people inside my circle. That was when my father gave the idea of sharing this as a post. I will share my taste once in a week AS A POST as usual.

25 February 2011

My love for music

 Music . Right from Mozarts, Beethovens, Rahmans, Ilayarajas, Khaleds to a hum, a birds evening lullaby, a chorus, music has inspired me a lot. They made me happier at times and lent a hand at sorrow moments. Of all the instruments violin has attracted me the most. I tried to play (& learn) violin, but it would always end in a disaster. From then on I limited myself to listening. I would often prefer music before my sleep. Hereafter my blog will have a song per week in the gadget column. Please listen & comment on my taste.

7 February 2011

Thank you Joe . .

. . . But Joe knows how to compensate me. The very next day those three were gone, Joe had laid four little ones for me. From Jee, Joe & co. I learnt a lot, on how to live a life on a loss, how beautiful nature is & how magnificent life is. Thank you Jee & Joe.
                                                     .The End.

6 February 2011

L(o)(a)st Love

  On 23rd of June 2010, when I returned from the school, I saw something near Joe. I had a closer look and saw 6 cute puppies. Joe had gifted me with six angels. That evening was filled with the sound of the puppies. But the very next day, one of the puppies died. The first puppy I touched in my lifetime came to be a dead one. I enjoyed every moment of that one week. After a week, when I went to chennai, another one of them died. I rushed back from chennai to see him for th last time. I was beside them when they opened their eyes for the first time, their first small steps . . .
  Four of them survived for a long time, till fate hit my little one Snowy. He had jaundice & inspite of treatment, he was dying every moment. I lost him midway. My eyes bear tears when I see the pit dug by him.
The other three were named alpha, beta & gamma. They grew with me till my father told that five dogs cannot be managed & they should be given. I postponed this idea day by day with every new reason.
  Finally they all were given to my father's friend. My heart became hard when I saw their chains untied.
But, my Joe always knows how to compensate me . . .    

5 February 2011

They know me !

First, let me introduce THE dogs. The one on the left is Jee & the right one is Joe. At first they both were infected & it took a month for them to recover from it. I had to give them coconut water in a feeding bottle which they didn't like. So often I would see the bottle in pieces. They taught me that they are living ones too & they should not be tamed or trained. So, I left them how they are. They loved me so much that they would take away the key when I go to lock the gate. Months rolled by, Jee & Joe grew older & bigger. My love for them grew with them. Every time I go out of the city I feel alone & uncomfortable. I still remember their first bath, outing, bark etc. Everyday when I returned from school they would give me a warm welcome. One such day . . . . .        

2 February 2011

THE dogs

From my childhood I had a craze to have dogs, train them, spend some good time with them etc. If I am correct, it was my half-yearly exams in my vii std. I was preparing for my science exam, I heard a unique sound in our backyard. I went to see that there was a brown colored small one. The first time I went to touch her, she urinated in fear. I came to know that it was two of them, and the other one has been shifted by her mother. I ran into my father's room & pleaded to adopt her as a pet. I still remember the moments when I gave up science & gave her some milk every five minutes. After 2 to 3 days I saw the dog's mother being caught by few men. Seeing that I thought of growing both of them. In my next posts I will continue from here . . .
Time to do my homework !               

2 December 2010

Chaplin ! ! !

 Here is my FAVORITE !  Charles Chaplin .  My favorite actor . His movies are kind of MUST TO WATCH . My favorite movies of his are : 1.Modern times , 2. The great dictator , 3. The city lights , 4. The circus , 5. The kid ,6. Shoulder arms , 7. Lime lights , 8. The fireman  &  much more . Here are some clips below.   CHECK IN !

30 November 2010

How izz it ????

Top 10 jokes of Rajnikanth :
1. Rajinikanth doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is.
2. Rajinikanth has already been to Mars, that’s why there are no signs of life there.
3. Rajinikanth killed the dead sea.
4. If you spell ‘Rajanikant’ wrong on Google it doesn’t say, “Did you mean
Rajinikanth?” It simply replies, “Run while you still have the chance.”
5. Rajinikanth can play the violin with a piano
6. Rajnikanth once wrote a cheque, the bank bounced!

7. Micheal Jordan to Rajini: I can spin a ball on my finger for over two hours. Can you?
Rajni: Rascala; how do you think the earth spins!?
8. Rajinikanth once ordered a plate of idli in McDonald’s, and got it.
9. If Rajnikant was born 100 years earlier, British would have fought to get independence from India.
10. Rajinikanth can divide by zero.
11. Rajinikanth has counted to infinity, twice.

Sorry it exceeded 10 . Did you like it ?
please comment below .

27 November 2010

Am I alone ?!?!

I was alone
on an empty balcony ,
saw a squirrel breaking nut ,
I was in a pensive mood ,
listening to breeze filled with music .
The returned birds sung lullaby 
to their younger ones ,
the eastern church sung six ,
the cup , which gave me a drink ,
was in abeyance .
I was alone ,
but could you believe that I was alone ?

27 October 2010

My mother is MINE .

Like waves to the sea ,
Air to the flute ,
Cuckoo to the forest ,
My mother is mine &
when she is there , everything is fine .
When I'am in pain ,
She is emotionally drain ,
Love is her way of sign ,
For the whole of my life ,

14 October 2010

Welcome Note

  I am Ramanaa of  13 years having great dreams of changing our country's typecast mindset and administration to a vast extent. On this front I will change myself and stand in front of change.

  I am glad that you friends share and read my blog hereafter.